Screening at 1pm of Jay Craven’s “Where the Rivers Flow North” (from book by Howard Frank Mosher -recommend), preceded by trailer for Sumner McKane’s new documentary “Maine Frontier:Through The Lens of Isaac Simpson”. A “bean suppah” in the traditional style will be served with red snapper hot dogs - thanks to support from our Chelsea neighbors Kayem. [Not Dogs and vegetarian beans on offer too]

At the Somerville Library - 79 Highland Ave - bus #88 or #90. Got a huge jar o pickles too….

Whether one must separate the craft from the man or not, no denying Robert Frost’s place in the conscious of modern American writing. This and other thoughts discussed in the lecture here- today marking Frost’s birthdate in 1874.

"There is nothing strange about an axe with bloodstains in the barn…"
-Tom Waits


Ready to feel old! “The Breakfast Club met for detention thirty years ago today And they met at the library!” via Buzzfeed

“Let your legs do the talking”

Bartender’s knife. One of 2000 SKUs made by the 150 y/o Ayer, MA knife factory R. Murphy.



The earliest version of the military’s phonetic alphabet dates back to 1913 – you can find it The Bluejackets’ Manual, the basic handbook issued to all U.S. Navy personnel. The phonetic alphabet is often used to identify letters when spoken over radio or telephone. But, why use words instead…