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Our insulated gloves are 50% off at polerstuff.com and our shops in NYC and Portland. They are made of Duffaluffagus hide, look great, and will keep your hands toasty warm. They’re like a Napsack for your hands.

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Ticketing is live - Adults $5, children free (just send us an email telling us how many kids with you - we recommend one adult accompanying each child). Click the image above or (http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-library-ride) to be taken to the ticketing site.

‘Villens - ticketing just went live for our Library Ride here in Somerville, MA. Thx. James

No job is too big, no FEE is too big…

Johnson Woolen Mills

Fred Hildebrandt took this photo of Rockwell in the San Gabriel Mountains. (Courtesy Deborah Solomon)

Grab your helmet. Wax your board. The 2014 VT OPEN accepting registrations for 1 more day.